The KUOK Group

The Kuok Group began business in 1949 as Kuok Brothers Limited – a small business in Malaysia trading in rice, sugar and wheat flour. The business expanded to Singapore in 1953 and eventually adopted the name, Kuok (Singapore) Limited, in 1965. From established bases in Malaysia and Singapore, the Kuok Group expanded operations across the region. In 1974, Kerry Holdings Limited was established in Hong Kong and Mainland China. Since then, it has grown to become one of Asia’s most diversified and dynamic multi-national conglomerates.

Kuok (Singapore) Limited shares common heritage with two other holding companies, namely Kerry Holdings Limited in Hong Kong and Kuok Brothers in Malaysia, in that they were all founded by the Kuok family. Together, the collective group of companies are commonly referred to as “Kuok Group” in Southeast Asia and “Kerry Group” in Northeast Asia.

Today, the Kuok Group has diverse operations in all five continents, with specialisations in Properties, Hospitality, Logistics, Media, Maritime, Commodities, Environment and Philanthropy.

Behind its success is a commitment to serving its customers and a determination to evolve with the times. The Kuok Group believes that success is measured not only by profits, but also by the contributions made to people’s lives and to society as a whole. As it grow,the Kuok Group’s attitudes and actions will continue to be guided by the core values of integrity, effort, unity, compassion and gratitude.


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